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The Marquee Garden at Wynyard Hall

AWB Associates were commissioned by Wynyard Hall to create a garden setting to the newly installed Grand Marquee.  The new garden was designed as part of our masterplan for new public access to this iconic Tees valley country estate, and now serves as a stunning setting to the hugely popular 750-seat marquee.

The layout of the garden was inspired by an original 19th century layout created by Lady Londonderry, composed of a series of large bold circles.  Our contemporary expression of this design sees a simple circular spaces enclosed by both yew and hornbeam hedges and aligned on both the central axis of the marquee and a large 18th century oak tree at the western end of the garden.  We commissioned the restoration and reinstatement of the Ratisbon gates which now form an imposing feature on the southern boundary.

This garden is designed as a setting for memorable and joyous events, and thus its planting has a celebratory character of lightness and eye-catching contrasts.  The circular geometry is overlaid with a grid of spring flowering Prunus 'Accolade' which lend the garden a magical effervescence during the early wedding season.  The gardens have made a major contribution to the huge success of the marquee as a major events venue in the north east.  All plants for this garden were supplied by our own nursery Colour Your Garden.

All images and photography © Alistair W Baldwin

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