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Contemporary roof garden

We worked closely with a wide team of consultants to gain planning consent for this large new urban private residence in North Yorkshire. Following consent, we provided the full range of garden design services through to completion and planting.

At the hub of the large site, we created a circular roof garden over the top of a domed subterranean garage, requiring close interface with the project engineers and architects. We were determined to create a dramatic sheet of reflective water on the rooftop, to reflect both the sky as well as the client woodland.  The resulting pool flows over a steel edge, stretching the meniscus and improving reflections, before plunging over a series of granite panels to the lower lawn.


The heart of the garden is arranged around an oculus window, positioned at the centre of the domed garage roof, and is designed as an ever-changing tapestry of long-lived as well as short-lived self-seeding species.  All principle social spaces look out into the courtyard, and its vibrant colours and varied textures are designed to evoke the sense of a swatch of vivid nature in the centre of a highly geometric structure.

Paths formed in two-tone pebbles add a layer of intricacy against the bold sweeping curves of the scheme.

The plant palette is made up of repeat-flowering Salvia Amethyst woven into Calamagrostis brachytricha.  Into these species were scattered Dianthus carthusianorum, Digitalis ferruginea, Deschampsia cespitosa, Molinia heidebraut and Verbena boanriensis, all of which are allowed to self seed at will, lending the garden an exciting yet contained dynamic.

All photographs © Alistair W Baldwin

Contemporary roof garden, Harrogate, Jame Bond, water wall and sculpture
Contemporary roof garden yorkshire, modern, pebble path, perennial planting
Contemporary and modern roof gaden, in Yorkshire, James Bond house, perennial planting
Modern contemporary roof garden in Yorkshire designed by Alistair Baldwin
Contemporary modern roof top garden Yorkshre, with reflective pool and Sculpture
Contemporary modern roof garden, Yorkshire, designed by Alistair Baldwin
Contemporary, modern roof garden in Yorkshie, designed by Allistair Baldwin
Contemporary modern roof garden, Dianthus carthusianorum, designed by Alistair Baldwin in Yorkshire
Contermporary roof garden, reflective pool, granite water wall in North Yorkshire garden designed by Alistair Baldwin
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